The Express Moving Routes In USA

When you will have to cross the entire USA, you could be moving or on a road trip. The USA is full of some great roads and some other ones that are not so great. There are long dangerous mountain roads with great scenery and safe roads that will bore you to death.

Rest stops are nice in one state and terrible in a neighboring state. It is really a question of where you are going and where you are moving from. There are the most common express routes for traversing the USA and the positives and negatives about them:

* The best rest stops: Florida has by far the best rest stops in the entire continental USA. Enjoy a fresh squeezed orange juice while driving down famous I-95. Of course, you may feel guilty about the idea that the highway you are on is contributing to the destruction of the fragile Florida eco-system.

* Most boring: At all costs avoid Interstate 10, which takes you through the Southwest. It is known as the most boring stretch of express way.

* The safest: You should feel the safest while moving on express routes such as Interstate 80, 10, and 95. These express moving routes are deemed to be the least dangerous of all highways in the USA.

* Most scenic: Do not miss-out on Interstate 70 (through Colorado and Utah) that is known as the most scenic of all USA express moving routes. If you don’t make it to 70, at least get on Interstate 90, the USA’s longest express road. It goes all the way from Boston to Seattle. Be sure to see Montana and Idaho on your moving trip.